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Trapped in an unknown facility, you find yourself traversing hallways with strange blocks that seem to annihilate when certain colors collide. What awaits you at the end is unclear, but you hope to find an answer to how things have come to how they are.

This is my first successful group project and with the help of my friends, we finished development in four weeks. Originally, this was a class project before a few modifications were made to be public ready. I would like to continue game development as a hobby, although this is my first successful publication too. Otherwise, I expect to continue working with computers as I pursue my degree in Biochemistry. I hope you enjoy playing.

Install instructions

This game runs on Windows only and on the Unity engine, so all of the necessary dependencies should already be included. The ideal resolution is any proportion of 16:9 but should automatically be accommodated for on launch.


Risk Spectrum.rar 14 MB

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